Dominic Trott

Research Manager
European Security Practice

Digital Disruption

The impact of digital transformation

UBER, the world's largest taxi company, owns no vehicles.

Airbnb, the world's largest accommodation provider,owns no property.

Digital Transformation Market Growth

1.5bn by 2019

Customer Demands

The emergence of digital operating models is driving great expectations in terms of ease of access and gratification.

  • A consistent experience is expected regardless of form factor, location and seasonality.
  • Mobile is increasingly becoming the form-factor of choice, even in the enterprise. The varying context of mobile users makes it even harder to provide a consistent user experience for digital platforms.
  • Employees will be mobile workers by 2020

  • Employees are mobile workers at present

Digital Risks

Getting digital transformation wrong can be costly to the enterprise.

Fortune 1000 critical failure


Next Generation Security

The focus shifts to data-driven solutions

Next Generation Security represents a shift in mind-set and approach, much as digital transformation does for operating models

  • identify indications of compromise

  • speed up reaction to threats

  • address adapting vulnerabilities in real time

Data Drives Accuracy

Organisations can access this next generation approach to security through third-party specialists that provide up to date insight into the constantly evolving nature of the threat landscape.

Security As A Service

SIZE matters

particularly against DDoS attacks

  • Security as a Service, offered by third-party specialists, is significant given the scarcity of skilled security professionals and the cost to retain them.
  • For security in general, and particularly protecting against DDoS attacks, size matters. This favours third-party specialists, whose scale in DDoS protection is likely to dwarf a customer organisation.

The ability to harness the cloud is an important point, offering real-time scalability that provides further ammunition when seeking to support customers in addressing attacks without compromising performance.